Branding an ongoing conversation with the Rouse Hill community

Rouse Hill Town Centre


Brand strategy

Brand identity

Campaign messaging

Fly-through script, concept and direction (with Virtual Ideas)

Art direction

Illustration direction

Website design direction (with Atlas Agency)

Pop-up concept and production (with Groundswell)

Communications roll-out



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On behalf of the GPT Group, we branded an ongoing conversation with the Rouse Hill community over the future vision of Rouse Hill Town Centre, a mixed use retail, residential, commercial and civic development.


Presenting a 15 year vision for the Town Centre’s growth as a walkable community oriented around its new Metro station, the consultation campaign sought an open dialogue and deeper connection with the local community. The themes of the conversation came from a desire to protect the unique qualities of the area, invite new points of view, and share a vision which brings with it opportunity and positive progress in the face of change.


The ‘Growing Together’ identity positions the future as a shared journey, intentionally designed to put the slightly conservative, yet ambitious Rouse Hill community at ease during the discussion of some big local developments.

A creative collaboration with illustrator Glenn Thomas enabled us to create relatable glimpses into the future, capturing the different walks of life and modes of use which will make up the future community. The illustrations hint at what could be without giving the sense that everything is set in stone, and reference open space and greenery, two highly-prized local assets.

‘Growing Together’ came to life via an informational fly-through video and website, plus a pop-up exhibition to support a community consultation program by partners Elton Consulting. Objections were low, and the majority of people attending the information sessions were positive about the proposed plans.

The next phase ‘Community Conversations’, a series of thought-leadership talks was designed to stimulate discussion and build advocacy amongst influential resident, business and council stakeholders.


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