Attracting 100,000 people to a city under construction.

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During construction of the Newcastle Light Rail system Transport for NSW wanted to ensure people had a reason to visit the city centre and support local businesses. A series of 12 events and activations to support local business were staged over 16 months to change perceptions that the city was consumed by construction.


We had to change the negative perceptions that Newcastle was a construction zone. Not easy when all the public could see was a construction zone. We had to create a program of events that would draw people back into a disrupted city centre.


Events focussed on bringing families into the city. Christmas and Easter extravaganza’s, school holiday circus and skate programs featured exciting pop-up activities that attracted people into Newcastle at a time when people were reluctant to visit the city. As part of the program, Enigma also delivered the Ministerial and public launch of Newcastle’s light rail service. The public launch was executed across five light rail stops in a fanfare of celebration.


The 12 events attracted a total of 100,000 people to the city – 54,000 during Christmas and 20,000 during the 5 hour light rail launch. More than 80% of people surveyed said they were likely to attend a similar event again in the future.

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