How Transport for NSW convinced the men who refused to be convinced.

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Most rural road deaths are caused by older, male country drivers. We needed to gain acceptance into their communities to help them understand they are in denial, without affronting their ego and sense of self. The challenge of reducing the road toll required a full-service approach, and PR played a key role in the ‘Yeah…But/Nah’ Saving Lives Campaign. The campaign was aimed at reducing the road toll in men aged 30-59 living in country NSW. PR supported the Enigma creative campaign.


To demonstrate that men aged 30-59 do crash on country roads and have to live with the results for a lifetime.


The PR outreach program involved planning events in 11 different regional and rural NSW towns to launch the campaign, with a key Ministerial launch in Queanbeyan. Ambassadors in each of the 11 towns shared their experience of the impacts of road crashes. Powerful and emotional videos with victims showed the very real impacts of road crashes on country roads. Social media vox pop videos were recorded in Tamworth, Dubbo and Coffs Harbour to highlight the lack of awareness of the issues facing drivers in country NSW. 


  • 100 online news articles
  • Eight stories on TV nightly news
  • 24 Radio mentions
  • Three trade print articles
  • 178K video views on TNSW Youtube

The campaign Ministerial launch was aired live on Facebook with 319,024 video views.
82% of people who saw the campaign agreed the ‘the road toll in regional NSW is unacceptably high’.

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