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Veyor is a cloud-based construction logistics company dedicated to making work happen. While their systems have already been adopted by leading top-tier building contractors such as Lendlease, John Holland and Richard Crookes Constructions, the founders recognised the brand itself was lacking and needed some attention to really take it to the next level – especially as they were about to enter the UK and US markets.


To capture the essence of Veyor by developing a brand identity and personality that give the brand a competitive edge.


We took a deep dive into the world of Veyor - understanding the brand’s story, why they exist, the problem they were solving and what really sets them apart. We then developed a brand manifesto and personality that set the tone and paved the way for a seamless brand identity. We created illustrations, a colour palette, typography and graphic devices that were connected to the heart of the brand.

We then brought the brand to life through a creation of a number of marketing collateral pieces such as business cards, presentation templates and of course their website – the hub of the brand.


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