Grab your lab coat.

We believe in the power of consumer science, so turn off that Bunsen burner because this is where it gets…technical.

Consumer Science.

We are consumer scientists. We are passionate about the science behind media planning and have armed ourselves with industry-leading media tools and data so we can deliver the most effective and efficient media schedules possible.

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Digital Intelligence & Reporting.

You want data? We got it. And some.

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We are all rounders.

All media channels under the one roof.

We are channel agnostic

We don’t outsource anything. That’s the benefit of having one team manage both the traditional and digital media components. We understand that there is an ideal mix of channels that move customers through the conversion funnel from awareness to conversion. To do this, you need to be good at digital media.

To this end, Enigma Media is a Premier Google Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner Pro, making us one of the preferred agencies to work with for direct access to their support, new features, and new beta opportunities to trial.

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We are media investors not buyers.

It’s not about how big you are anymore.

We love the thrill of a good media deal

It’s currently a buyers’ market and we love the thrill of negotiating a good media deal. We buy media based on our clients’ needs and objectives. Our dynamic style of trading means that each negotiation is unique and approached differently to get the best outcome. We make client specific deals and develop trading strategies around the latest media market conditions.

Our media negotiation approach:

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Making life easy.

… and ensuring nothing slips through the net.

We are sticklers for process

We have developed a process and use project management technology to ensure we are as efficient as possible. This frees up our buyers’ time to do the things that matter, like optimising your digital media spend, securing you more bonus spots or improving your positioning.

Our project management tool is shared across all stakeholders (client, creative, production & media). It features creative specifications, material deadline alerts and material instruction emails, giving all parties total transparency and visibility as to upcoming priorities. The cloud-based tool gives the teams and client 24-hour access to the project from any device.

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Where it all comes together.

A few examples of all that techy stuff above in action.

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