How to construct a solid media foundation.

Home Builder


Our client did a review of their owned channels to ensure they were connecting with their potential buyers. One of the most important owned channels for a builder is their display home. But could it work harder? Our client pride themselves on the interior design of their display homes but everyone has different tastes and with homes scattered around different parts of NSW how do we know what resonated?


We analysed all of the Helix Persona makeups for the client’s display homes across the different regions of NSW and ACT. We overlaid the sales data for those areas to ensure the Helix Personas were accurate. We also cross referenced the data against ‘intent to build new in the next 12 months’ in the Roy Morgan Asteroid tool to identify if there were any other personas that were potentials.


We created audience profiles for each of the display homes so that the interior designer could create the look that would appeal to the buyer in that area. Each profile was unique and different things were important to them - one display home had a touch of escapism, one was all about family, one focused on the working professional, one was true blue Aussie, one had ethnic influences, one was modern and one was old school.

We take our entertainment strategies seriously.

Entertainment Client

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