Did someone say roadtrip?


June 23, 2020


Perspectives On Change

Did someone say Roadtrip?

Our friends at Google and Bing have been eagerly observing what we bash into our search bar during these wild times. Not surprisingly, we’ve been doing less stuff – physically speaking - which has given us an unprecedented amount of time to look at stuff to do. In April, we watched a whopping 2 million hours of travel videos on YouTube. That’s the equivalent of every Australian tuning into 12 hours of travel videos. Our thirst for adventure hasn’t gone anywhere – we just got our fix online – watching, plotting, planning. And our want to get out and about is bubbling up like a third-grade volcano experiment.

Where this gets interesting is in how it will change behaviour. The availability of time gives us the opportunity to stop and think. Which in this case – coupled with restrictions - leads to people jumping off the hamster wheel of routine and onto considering new ideas for everything in their lives including how and where to travel. I suspect we will see a whole lot more people trying new things because we’ve had the time to consider what we want to do. Like, really want to do. People the country over are looking at new kinds of holidays, stay cations and mini breaks.

We’re currently working with a handful of clients in this space to help them gain their unfair share and from what we can see already – now is a great time to grow market share.

If you’re in the world of travel, accommodation or tourism – it has never been more important to make sure you’re visible and accessible to people that are new to your category. How can you help people discover your offering and how can you make your offering easier to choose than the next? With a 704% increase in people searching ‘camping’, 369% increase in searching ‘accommodation’ – you need to make sure you’re there to be part of the action.

More Aussies are about to discover the wonder of domestic travel than ever before and although this may be my bias for exploring our great country speaking, I think we could just be on the verge of a whole new wave of Aussies obsessed with discovering their own backyard.