Standing on the outside lookin’ in


June 9, 2020


Perspectives On change

Not only is this the title of a great song from Cold Chisel it is also a great metaphor for what we do, see things clients don’t. Occasionally, we get the opportunity work on the inside which provides great insights for both parties.

COVID-19 brought significant change to the workplace. All of a sudden, offices that once teamed with people were empty, with staff working from home or in some cases stood down such was the economic impact on certain businesses.

Now, as we slowly emerge from the other side of COVID-19, it is a good time to review resources and work practices and examine what our time in isolation has taught us.

For me COVID-19 has been enlightening and educational as I was seconded by one of our clients, to provide communication support across staff, customer and supplier communications.

By seeking outside support for a short-term issue, they allowed their existing staff to focus on their day-to-day roles and allow a professional with a specific skill set and existing knowledge of the business, to step in and provide support in a challenging time.

As a result of that 11-week emersion, I gained a greater understanding of nuances within the business and now have a deeper knowledge of the business and stronger relationships with key staff which will bring future benefits to our client.

Too often in the past people would see a demand rise or an issue flair in their business and either try to make existing staff, who are already under the pump, do the job or recruit a new employee, which has its own set of issues of getting up to speed, working out processes, the list goes on.

Bringing in a consultant who already knows you and your business to help you through a busy period is more cost-effective way to manage a demand surge and, in the meantime, give you the time to calmly assess if you do need to hire or if it was just a busy blip.

COVID-19 has forced some businesses to review their staffing model. Now may just be the time to see how a consultant can help you with you with a marketing strategy, rebrand or communications plan. Utilising outsourcing gives you flexibility to go about your core business while gaining access to an expert on tap for a specific period to achieve your desired outcome. Then it’s a quick elbow bump, hopefully soon a handshake and they are off.

Most importantly bringing in “outsider” also provides fresh perspective to challenging ideas. I’ll borrow a saying from Enigma’s Brand Guru Chris Laws, (he might have borrowed it from someone else)

“You can’t read the label from inside the jar”

Sometimes you need an outside perspective to help you see what was right in front of you.

Sometimes you need an external voice to deliver a message that comes best from the outside.

But if you’re hearing voices on the inside then that’s time to join us.