Take a Good Look at Yourself.


May 18, 2020


Perspectives On Change

Unique. Compelling. True.

This is the simplest of frameworks to define how your brand can own a successful space in the minds of your consumer. In whatever ways brands evolve to meet the shifting demands of society, owning a space in the world that hits all three will always matter.

In these “unprecedented times” it seems every brand is focusing on“being in it together despite us being apart”. They’re well and truly “here for us” as we adjust to the “new normal”.

OK. We get it.

In a scramble to empathise with the times and to keep the marketing funnel flowing, it’s been tempting to lean on the same messages. And helping those doing it tough by providing greater value or discounts has been a fair response. But what next?

Facebook is one of the few who can continue to authentically own this message. Their campaign We’re never lost if we can find each other is as much an opportunistic brand play as the next, but there’s no disputing their role in keeping friends, family and communities close through these times. It’s an undeniable truth and a rare moment in time for them. Kate Tempest’s gritty spoken word gives it real distinction, hitting you right in the feels along the way. Well played Droga.

I for one haven’t a clue what’s ahead, and I’m not sure anyone does.These are, after all, unprecedented times. And not all businesses and brands are in a position to “pivot” (another favourite out there right now) into mass-production of hand sanitiser or masks. So, what for the rest of us? Perhaps we should be focusing on the things within our control. At a time when people are using this time to get fitter, learn an instrument, or master a new language, we should be applying the same self-improvement ambitions to our brands.

Sales are soft to say the least. But audiences are captive, open and undistracted in ways they may never be again. It’s a time when brands can build their rapport with potential customers, educate them on their value, and nurture them for the sale when life returns.

Be compelling. Be authentic. Be distinctive. It’s not an easy place to get to, but it’s much easier when you take the time to really take a look at yourself and those around you. Go deep on your own business, your audiences and the competition to levels you simply haven’t in past. Your livelihood depends on it.

Stand for something. Dominate a position in the customer’s mind.Make the most of your owned channels. Be clear and unwavering in your campaign activity. Avoid the COVID-19 platitude bandwagon and set a course for what’s rightfully yours on the other side.

That much you can control.